your website checklist

Your website is mega-important. We designed the structure of the 2 Week Website to be all you need. All of the important sections are in this page below. We’ll make sure we check all of these boxes when build and write your website.

Your Effective Header

It’s important to communicate what you offer and be clear how your product or service will make your customer’s life better? Is it clear to your customer how to buy your product or service? People don’t read websites, they scan them, so keep the text minimal Photos in your header should display aspirational success of your character

Clear Calls to Action (CTAs)

You’ve got to call your customers to action or they won’t do anything. So we will make some very direct calls to action using buttons. Like the one you see below that says “Buy Now”

Value Proposition

The 3 or 4 things your customer will get as a result of engaging with your brand. We’ll use icons, graphics and a bold title above your descriptions. We’ll want to communicate success and explain the value you will deliver to your customers.

The Plan Section

Step 1

With this section we make clear how the product works. What the customer needs to do in order to use the product or experience success.


Step 2

We are leading your customers to the “promised land.” Your plan will lift the fog for your customer.

Step 3

Think of this section as (“3 Easy Steps” with descriptions of each step and a title) just like you see in this section. Your customers will know exactly what to do.

The Cost

What is it going to cost the customer if they don’t do business with you? We’ll help you explain what your customer is spending too much time or money on and how your product or service solves it.

If you stop talking about your customers’ problems, they stop paying attention to your brand.


Price Section

If you’re selling something we gotta tell em’ what the options are and how much it costs. 

The Junk Drawer

This is the footer of your website. We’ll put stuff like FAQ, Employment Opportunities, Contact Us, Blog, Social Links, etc…